The Best Way to Stop Grinding Teeth

Although teeth grinding or bruxism is most commonly associated with children, it can also happen to adults. Due to all the problems that can result from this condition, anyone who has it should seek treatment. There are many teeth grinding causes, and the best treatments will usually focus on stopping the underlying cause while also addressing current symptoms.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

In most cases, teeth grinding will happen during the night, and people will not even realize that they are doing it. Their family members, however, may hear the grinding of their teeth, and should let them know about it. Some people also grind their teeth during the day. Even then, they may be oblivious to it as it happens, and should be alerted by any friends or family members who notice it going on.


Whether it happens during the night or in the daytime, the symptoms associated with it will generally be the same. Jaw pain and sensitive teeth are two of the most common complaints of people who have the condition. A headache or ear ache can also be caused by teeth grinding. Pain may spread throughout the face and possibly into the shoulders. People who have grinding during the night may wake up feeling like they did not get enough sleep.

Treating the Causes of Teeth Grinding

A mouth guard is often used to prevent teeth from grinding when someone is sleep. This should quickly alleviate symptoms such as jaw pain and headache. As symptoms are being treated, the underlying cause can be sought. Stress is one of the most frequent causes, since it can create tension in the body that results in someone grinding their teeth. Finding ways to relieve stress will be beneficial.

Many doctors believe that sleep apnea can cause teeth grinding as well, so treating it will deal with the teeth symptoms. If teeth are not aligned properly, this could also lead to teeth grinding, and fixing the alignment should help. Anyone who has teeth grinding should avoid alcohol and caffeine. Substances like these may worsen the condition.

To prevent further complications due to teeth grinding or bruxism, seek out treatment. After the underlying cause is helped and symptoms are relieved, people will feel much better. Visit the Bruxism Remedy Center for more information.


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